hirzi doing stand up comedy

Hirzi started his career as an online personality producing parodies, skits and satires on Youtube. Over the years Hirzi has crossed over from the Internet to doing works in TV, film and theatre. In 2012, Mediacorp commissioned his very own television show called ‘Munah and Hirzi, Action!’ and he conceptualised and wrote his first TV series, ‘Interns The Series’ in 2014.

His debut on the big screen in a Singaporean-Taiwanese co-production for a Chinese film called ‘The Big Day’ screened in June 2018. And earlier in January 2018 he conceptualised and starred in his first sold out live show called “Munah and Hirzi Live, Curtain Call” at Capitol Theatre. Hirzi has since produced many sold out stand up shows throughout 2018.

His most recent screen appearance would be an 8 episode BBC reality TV format called Stupid Man Smart Phone that aired on Channel 5 in May 2019.

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