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EVANTURETIME is the musical alias of Singaporean producer, Evan Low. The young producer blends genres, concepts and found sounds into a unique auditory narrative that is undeniably and uniquely his.

A Berklee College of Music alumnus who graduated with a major in Professional Music, Evanturetime is highly accomplished – a force to be reckoned with despite only a young career. He has already engineered for international artists such as David Foster and Nathan East, and composed for international brands such as Adidas and eBay, artists such as Nathan Hartono and Linying; the man is also currently Music Director for Singapore music heavyweights The Sam Willows and iNCH, with his multi-hyphenated involvement in the creative scene including multidisciplinary work in collaboration with the likes of artist Sam Lo (SKL0) and urban dance stalwart cool kids O School.

Evan continues to hit hard in both commercial and artistic realms. While taking strides as co-Founder and the creative lead on music and audio of burgeoning commercial audio production house Zendyll Productions, the wunderkind is also stewing some explosive new collaborative Evanturetime material that straddles pop and electronica with refined minimalism. Stay tuned.

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