Our Name & Logo

Our Name

CITY65 Music was created with the idea that the name had to have a significant and meaningful connection to Singapore. Specifically, ‘65’ is not only the year in which Singapore gained its independence, it is also the country’s international calling code. Using ‘65’ in the name is also intended to appeal to the younger generation of Singaporeans as they often refer to it as “The +65” and it is those people who are the future of our music here in Singapore. 

Our Logo

The CITY65 Music logo highlights “65” with the deep red of the country flag while the rest of the name sits against a vibrant orange; these colours reflect the energy of the bands showcased through the gigs, many of them young and up-and-coming.

The quadrilateral shapes are reminiscent of the signs of some of the shophouses of the 1960s where each letter stood out against its own individual base.