Story of WHABBY & CITY65 Music

Mike once had an idea that he wanted to get his musician friends together for a party simply to play some music, have a few beers, hang out and have some fun. That party turned into our first “festival” and for the want of a better name we called it CITY65 Music Festival. We have since incorporated the company and now are CITY65 Music Pte. Ltd.

As a way to spread the word of original music created in Singapore beyond our borders, we knew we needed to build a strong social media presence. So we created our “daughter” company as our social media arm of CITY65 Music. WHABBY Music was born and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of CITY65 Music Pte. Ltd. That’s the story of how CITY65 Music and WHABBY Music came to be and how they are connected. Think of CITY65 Music as the parent and WHABBY Music as the daughter. Both created to spread the word about Singaporean original music.