About CITY65 Music

CITY65 Music organises a series of music-centric events that showcase original music made in Singapore. Centered on the community of young, up-and-coming, Singapore musicians. CITY65 Music’s aim is to provide performance opportunities to showcase the talented local artists who are creating original music in Singapore.

Our events range from small, intimate concerts held at small music venues throughout Singapore, to an annual music festival held at larger venues with performances from multiple Singapore bands with the ultimate aim to benefit local music artists, audiences and Singapore’s reputation on the international music scene.

Through these efforts, the expectation is that we can create a local awareness that Singapore-created music is as high-quality as any music created anywhere else in the world, and deserves to be heard, valued and appreciated. We believe that in order to achieve this mission it must be able to reach the local community through creating family-friendly experiences that will allow audiences to be introduced to original music created in Singapore.