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About CITY65 Music

The inaugural CITY65 Music Festival, in April 2017 featured 13 bands alternating between an intimate, acoustic, living-room setting and a full-on electric stage. All hosted within the fluorescent urban jungle of a spacious, off-the-beaten-track venue. This first endeavour was a success by all accounts and inspired the team behind it to roll out a series of events; intimate living-room sessions, pop-up gigs, wrapping things up with an annual all-out music festival.


Powered by CITY65 Music, WHABBY Music is a global online music community based in Singapore. We proudly showcase talented international musicians, creating a thriving social media ecosystem for them to share their music with avid music listeners worldwide. As of February 2019, WHABBY! Music IG account of 13K followers has amassed a total of 2.4M video views altogether. Check us out now!


CITY65 Music is featured on a variety of digital news outlet and event sites. From The Honeycombers to HerworldPLUS, check out our latest news coverage from our media friends!

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