CITY65 Music – taking pride in the great nation of Singapore and it’s finest original musicians

About CITY65 Music

The inaugural CITY65 Music Festival, in April 2017 featured 13 bands alternating between an intimate, acoustic, living-room setting and a full-on electric stage. All hosted within the fluorescent urban jungle of a spacious, off-the-beaten-track venue. This first endeavour was a success by all accounts and inspired the team behind it to roll out a series of events; intimate living-room sessions, pop-up gigs, wrapping things up with an annual all-out music festival.

Our Story

CITY65 Music organises a series of music-centric events that showcase original music made in Singapore. Centered on the community of young, up-and-coming Singapore musicians. CITY65 Music’s aim is to provide performance opportunities to showcase the talented local artists who are creating original music in Singapore.

The Logo

The CITY65 Music logo highlights “65” with the deep red of the country flag while the rest of the name sits against a vibrant orange; these colours reflect the energy of the bands showcased through the gigs, many of them young and up-and-coming.

The quadrilateral shapes are reminiscent of the signs of some of the shops of the 1960s where each letter stood out against its own individual base.

  • When words fail, music speaks

  • Lose yourself in the music

  • Music is what feelings sound like

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